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Roger Kulstad reviewed Moh's Martial Arts
via Facebook

This is not only a place to learn fitness and self defense. It is a place where self esteem, discipline, perseverance and self control are emphasized in a family friendly environment.

Andrea Pokorny reviewed Moh's Martial Arts
via Facebook

Exceptional in so many ways! Really a life changing experience with a multitude of mentors for support & encouragement.

Anthony Johnson reviewed Moh's Martial Arts
via Facebook

Great experience, all around. The culture and atmosphere are very welcoming. Not to mention, Mike is the best of the best. Looking for a healthy new hobby? Look no further.

Patti Stickney reviewed Moh's Martial Arts
via Facebook

Such a talented staff truly interested in the personal growth of each and every student in an exciting, welcoming, fun, and positive atmosphere. So grateful to have Moh’s Martial Arts in our life!

Teresa Lynn Leuch reviewed Moh's Martial Arts
via Facebook

We love Moh's Martial Arts. Not only for the tremendous staff teaching the classes but also for the wide variety of camps throughout the summer and fun programs and family activities throughout the year to make it a true community. The kickboxing classes are also an added bonus for a great workout and stress-reliever! Join us!

Tania Fleck reviewed Moh's Martial Arts
via Facebook

I feel that having my son in Mr Moh's classes was by far one of the best decisions we have made. Mr Moh and his staff are fantastic. I can't even truly put into words how much I appreciate all thier hard work and commitment.I work with the public and tell parents to bring their kids here all the time ! Thank you for everything !!

Mike Lutes reviewed Moh's Martial Arts
via Facebook

It would be hard to overstate the positive impact Moh's Martial Arts has had on our family. The team of instructors are very welcoming and encouraging. They help teach the kids the positive lessons we also try to teach at home: the value of hard work, delayed gratification, discipline, respect and belief in yourself. I have been taking classes for nearly two years. It has been the only fitness program that I have been motivated to stick with. I love that martial arts training really promotes every aspect of fitness: coordination,balance, strength, endurance and focus. I could go on, but I would just say do not hesitate to try it out. You will find a welcoming, supportive community and you will see measurable improvements in your life.

James Huffstutler reviewed Moh's Martial Arts
via Facebook

Mohs Martial Arts is THE place to enroll your child for Taekwondo. I've been nothing but impressed with the professionalism of Mr. Moh, staff, and assistant instructors. It has been a month since I enrolled my 9 yr old Nephew and each week I'm as excited as he is for class. It is the highlight of our week without a doubt. MMA promotes self-esteem, confidence, self-control, and teaches the skills necessary to deal with real world issues such as bullying!

The studio is very nice and clean. It has plenty of seating area on the sidelines or behind glass.

If you've been considering martial arts for yourself and/ or your child, do not hesitate to sign up for the 2 week trial and see for yourself!

Also i must mention, it is very evident MMA cares about the progress of these students. The instructors never miss a beat. The class sizes vary depending on the day. But no matter, if someone needs some personal attention, they are on it!

Rita Winter reviewed Moh's Martial Arts
via Facebook

Mr.Moh is a great Instructor and person for these students to look up. More about respect and treating each other with dignity. He and his instructors work to bring out the best in all the students.

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Moh's Martial Arts & Go Ninja In-Person Classes and Summer Camp Safety

A Message From Our Team

At Moh’s Martial Arts and Go Ninja, the safety of our students, campers, team members, and their families is of utmost importance. In preparation for reopening our physical studios, we are working diligently with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as our state and local health authorities to determine how to create the safest environment for anyone who enters our schools. We will follow the guidelines put in place for social distancing, school capacities and additional sanitization and protective measures to continue to make the safety of our community the top priority.

We understand that with Phase 1 approaching many parents are returning to work and need care. We also understand many parents are not ready for their kids to return to activities. If you decide to participate in our in-person classes and/or Summer Camp offerings, we want to be sure you are informed and comfortable with all the efforts we are making to keep you safe.

We’ve highlighted some of the changes that we’re implementing to create a safe environment and a positive experience for those attending in-person activities:


Member Safety


Member Health Assessments

Prior to entering our schools, members are asked to self-assess their health and the health of their children. If anyone is not feeling well, has a fever, shortness of breath or any COVID-19 like symptoms, or has recently been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, we ask that they cancel their appointment for class or camp.  There will be a temperature check upon entering utilizing a touchless thermometer.  If a student’s temperature is under 100.4, they will be permitted for the day’s activities.Makeups, credits, and/or refunds will be provided as needed to ensure members who are not feeling well can stay home and rest up.


Personal Protective Equipment for Members

Students have the option to wear a mask inside the building as they participate in in-person classes or camp. Masks need to be provided by the student.  If a mask is worn, please be careful during strenuous activity.


Curbside Drop Off/Pick Up and Member Distancing

To limit the number of people inside our facilities, families accompanying students/campers are asked to stay in their cars and drop off/pick up curbside. For in-person Tigers martial arts classes only, 1 family member may enter.  A member of our team will assist with this process, especially for our youngest members. When inside the facilities, students/campers will be kept in groups of no more than 15 (plus 2 instructors), with social distancing markers in place.

Limited Shared Equipment

There will be limited shared items, as much as possible. For camps, each student will have their own cubby, their own plates for snacks, and their own arts/crafts kits (crayons, scissors, glue stick, etc). Anything that is shared will be disinfected between uses.


Covered Feet

Campers will be required to wear non-slip grip socks when inside the facility where shoes are not allowed. Martial Arts students that would like to have foot coverings may use grip socks as well. All campers must bring closed-toed shoes to wear over their grip socks for outdoor activities. Shoes must be worn when using our facility restrooms.


Team Safety


Team Health Assessments

Following state and local direction, team members will be evaluated prior to each shift, and anyone who is not feeling well, has a fever, shortness of breath, or any COVID-19 like symptoms, or has recently been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 will not be permitted to work in the studio.


Personal Protective Equipment for our Team

Staff members will be wearing masks whenever they are not able to properly social distance.


Facility Safety


Social Distancing

During this time, we will be reducing the number of families in the facility, following all state guidelines. We will also communicate ways we aim to reduce the amount of time you spend in the school, and ask that you maintain a safe distance from other members while in our schools.


Increased Facility Cleaning & Sanitation Stations

We have always taken great pride in the cleanliness of our facilities. You will notice increased attention to disinfecting efforts, with additional attention to high traffic areas and commonly touched facility elements. We will also continue to provide hand soaps and hand sanitizer, with increased availability in key areas of the facility.

Removal of Commonly Shared Amenities

We ask that all members bring their own water bottles as we close off the water fountains for the time being. We also will limit sharing of items, and will disinfect anything that is shared before the next person uses it.


Activity Safety


Getting Outdoors

As much as we can, we will try to run as many games, craft times, and martial arts classes outside. Our team has identified areas around our studios where we can do this, as to be in a well-ventilated area for children to play and learn.


Minimizing Touch in Games/Activities

We have redesigned games and activities to still be fun, but to minimize touch or sharing of supplies.


Dedicated Groups

Each camp week, campers will be assigned to a group of 15 or less that will not change or intermingle with other groups.




General COVID-19 Personal Hygiene Guidelines from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Learn More

CDC Guidelines for Camps and Care Centers

Learn More